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Simply enter where you'd like the document sent, and we'll get that over to you.

Clearance Heroes believe in transparent up-front pricing. Our free clearance price list sheet will help you get an idea of costs.

How much does a house clearance cost?

Our clearance price sheet lists the most common items often cleared, with a price for each. 

Just let us know if you require cost for anything not listed. For general costs, you may also find our pricing page handy.

Clearance Price List
Clearance Heroes

We can also work with photos, or a list for a better idea of what needs collecting. For some clearances, we can arrange a date to view for you. 

Simply get in touch with some details and we’ll get a quote over to you.

We adhere to eco-friendly practices, prioritising sustainability and minimising waste by using recycling centres with a 0% landfill policy.

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